They’re Lying To Us

May 31, 2010

They’re Lying To Us will be a recurring feature on SAVE LOUISVILLE that exposes the lies of the Bridges Authority and their efforts to deceive the public into accepting the biggest urban planning mistake of the 21st century: the current design of the downtown ORBP. The rendering below was put out by the Bridges Authority in May of this year


The location of the ramps in the above rendering are clearly inconsistent with the 2 dimeninsional overhead ramp location maps provided by the ORBP’s website http://www.kyinbridges.com/maps-features/default.aspx?ml=1

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  1. given that the highway is going to be a couple (few?) stories high, had it occurred to you that the perspective of a sideways, 3/4 angle in three dimensions would alter the amount the parking lot which would be visible in a 2d, top-down illustration?

  2. Yes, the highway is going to be 3-5 stories high at this point, making it very visible and loud from our award winning Slugger Field, and the 3/4 perspective from this angle does obscure the true proximity to the outfield stands. However, you will notice that there is a white billboard just outside of the parking lot that the freeway is tucked behind, so the argument that the height of the freeway and the angle of the picture results in the parking lot not being covered by freeway breaks down. Besides, an elevated on ramp like the one cutting through the Slugger Field parking lot cannot be built without support posts. Support posts for the freeway north of the parking lot are visible from this angle. The posts encroaching onto the Slugger Field parking lot would be visible had they not been intentionally left out.

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