The Questionnaire

May 5, 2010

Save Louisville is sending this questionnaire to every urban planning professor in the United States. All responses will be published on this website. If you have a background in urban planning or a just a keen interest in these issues please send responses to 1 or more questions at  info@savelouisvill.net  Please include your name, professional background, and contact information. Your efforts toward preventing the biggest urban planning mistake of the 21st century are greatly appreciated.

1) Will the downtown portion of the Ohio River Bridges Project have a positive impact on Louisville’s long-range economic health?

2) In comparison to the current downtown ORBP, would a context sensitive, partially capped at-grade parkway, interstate or not, enhance the city’s economic prospects and image.

3) Is the entire Ohio River Bridges Project a fiscally prudent plan?

4) Do you think the I-265 east end bridge will absorb a substantial amount of the cross river traffic? What if it is the only bridge with tolls?

5) Based on the growth in traffic volume is the current design of the downtown ORBP  justified? In conjunction with an east end by-pass bridge, would 1 or more local access bridges downtown eliminate the need for a second interstate bridge downtown.

6) Does the problem that the ORBP attempts to solve justify tolling existing infrastructure?

7) What effects will tolling have on the local economy and traffic patterns?

8) Is license plate picture capture tolling a realistic plan? What are the collection rates for this technology?

9) Do you expect this project to come in on budget? Do you have a guess as to the total price tag of this project?

10) Is there precedent for altering a major piece of infrastructure after the record of decision has been given by the federal government?


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  1. To Stu Noland, Save Louisville.net

    Sorry about typos in my previous email to you. I don’t like typing in a small box, at age 74.

    I intended to write:

    I have already sent responsive email to LEO about story, “Chalk Man Cometh.” should read Abramson Muzzle Cometh.
    IF chalking sidealks like kids do in games is not criminal mischief, then it is a violation of your FIRST AMENDMENT right to free speech. You should contact KY Civil Liberties Union!

    Many more should start chalking sidewalks.

    My preference is the slogan, NO RETHINKING DOWNTOWN BRIDGE NO VOTE.

    David E. Blank

    • David,

      Don’t sweat the typos, it’s the ideas you express that are important. I did contact the ACLU KY chapter but they said that with their limited resources they could not do anything more than provide advice to my attorney. I agree that many more should start chalking sidewalks…hanging flyers, shouting into bullhorns, making stickers or whatever it takes to prevent the biggest urban planning mistake of the 21st century.

      Your slogan is not bad, a slight alteration for brevity might be Downtown ORBP = No Vote. However I think it is important that we do not see the current mayoral election as a finish line. Regardless of who wins we need to keep up the pressure. Some of my favorite slogans are


      If you build it They won’t come & We won’t stay

      Divide the project / Not the community

      Build the east end bridge NOW

      Save Louisville

      Prevent the biggest urban planning mistake of the 21st century

      Louisville + Downtown ORBP = Fail or Failure or 100+ Years of Economic Stagnation

      or simply the words down(arrow pointing down)town ORBP with a red circle and slash

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