May 3, 2010

SAVE LOUISVILLE will be a one million + concerned citizens strong organization that considers the downtown portion of the Ohio River Bridges Project, as currently designed, unacceptable. SAVE LOUISVILLE will use the collective voices of over one million people and the expert opinion of urban planning profesors to stop or alter the biggest urban planning mistake of the 21st century: the downtown ORBP. SAVE LOUISVILLE Supports the common sense approach to solving Louisville Kentucky’s  traffic problems: build the East End Bridge and re-evaluate the situation downtown.

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Because of the inconsistencies in the 2010 renderings Save Louisville uses the 2005 rendering put out by the KY Dept. of Transportation.
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  1. as long as you all don’t plan on ripping down 64… I am all about no more expansion, because it doesn’t really need it. But to tear it down all together, just so it “looks pretty” is absolutely ridiculous. I currently am a grad student in Lexington, and have lived here off and on for 5 years… tearing down 64 would only make Louisville like Lexington, please don’t do that, or even support it. Interstates through downtown make Louisville a fast and easy city to navigate, so if you want worse traffic on Bardstown road, Lexington Road, Frankfort, etc. tear down 64. Just leave it where it is, and no more expansion, it is fine the way it is.

    • I believe it is possible to design a road that is both not hideously ugly and moves traffic. What we have now is indisputably ugly, damages the city’s image and marketability and needs to be redesigned.

      • To clarify, Save Louisville is not oppossed to being fiscally pragmatic and getting the most out of existing infrastructure that was recently refurbished. If we need to connect to the new spaghetti junction with the existing waterfront expressway for the next 20 years so that we can take advantage of the sunk costs, we are okay with that. What we are not ok with is Louisville being one of, if not the only city in the world that has an ugly and loud elevated waterfront expressway on its front lawn for the next 100 years. Jay, image matters if your selling a house or selling a city. It is widely accepted among urban planners, economists, and futurists that the sucessful cities in the 21st century will be those that can attract and retain talented, educated, and creative workers. It’s all about intellectual capitol.

  2. If you can’t stop mistakes such as misspellings in your website text, how are you going to stop a highway project?

    • Thanks for catching that mistake John. Your efforts toward helping us prevent the biggest urban planning mistake of the 21st century are greatly appreciated.

      • Stu, don’t sweat comments like John’s. If that’s the worst people have to say, you’re kickin’ ass.

  3. 86-64 just MAKES SO MUCH FRIGGIN SENSE!!!!!! It’s ridiculous that the ORBP is even being considered??? WHAT THE FUUUUUUUHHHHH!!

  4. Kudos on another excellent blog! The ORBP is possibly the most detrimental project facing Louisville in the next decade. The astronomical cost, combined with the questionable need for another downtown bridge plus the added air pollution and eyesore…. it’s a LOSE/LOSE for everyone involved. Would someone please explain to me why the powers that be continue to fight for yet another downtown bridge when what we really need is a far east (and far southwest) bypass?

    • Thanks for the Kind words Chuck. I’m guessing that you are the same Chuck responsible for many well thought out pro 8664 comments on the now defunct Louisville Mojo news site. I was sorry to see that site go because of the great articles and conversation. Save Louisville will be setting up a Louisville Mojo account soon so maybe we can spark some conversation that way. I do have to nitpick one point of yours. The downtown ORBP is without a doubt the most detrimental project facing Louisville in the next decade. In my opinion it is the most important issue facing Louisville in its 200+ year history. Anyway, I always found your comments to be enlightening and if you are interested in writing a guest article for this site contact us at info@savelouisville

      • Thanks for the kind words. That would be me. And we do terribly miss the news initiative over on Louisville Mojo, but the recession shook us out of the ad-revenue-tree so we’ve converted Louisville Mojo into a full-time dating site. It’s actually doing quite well so we’re keeping our fingers crossed on its continuing success.

        I don’t know what I could contribute that isn’t already being said by folks far more eloquent than I am, but I appreciate the invite and I look forward to seeing what else shows up here.

        Best, – Chuck

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